CWBlog task 8: TV Evaluation.

img_2517Love Clash definitely works as a format as every week there would be a new episode in a different university involving a majority of different students all over the UK including international students also. They participate is fun activities and can actually come out f the program with new friends or even more!

It is an interesting format due to the wide diversity of students who come onto the programme showcasing their talents. They’re isn’t a program broadcasted on TV in this day and age anything like it. Thats what is so unique about it, although show’s have started to broadcast people of different sexualities and nationalities, the talent aspect four show makes it different to any other.

The set design worked well in our production, we purchased loads of different decorations to bring the studio to life. Including:
Heart balloons
Heart fairy lights
Red velvet covers
A chalk board
A wakeboard
An American Football
Society hoodies
Boxing gloves

Many of these represent societies which is what we were going for as it shows talent and personality.

Our participants were fantastic, especially Carl Meehan, he has such a big personality and made the production team laugh throughout and I know for a fact viewers will be laughing too. For example: Here is his VT!

camera angles worked well within our production, we used a range variety of camera shots so that the audience do not get bored when watching. It is always good to cut up a format with different angles as it helps content flow better.

I think the audience will enjoy watching the activities and the participants on our show. They are entertaining and humorous, this isn’t a show you can watch without cracking a smile!  There are many ways the audience can interact with our show using social media and going onto our website. However because the show is not live there isn’t any audience interaction on the show, if it was live there could possibly be a better outcome.

Sometimes our group had a few issues due to miscommunication and the stress of having such a short time to film everything and set everything into place. This was hard because it got on top of us sometimes and we snapped at each other, but we pulled through and even when were dragged down we just got on with it until it got done. Improvements would be more time to film so it could be to the best of our standards but we worked with what we had.

The set was a little dark, this could work because it looks like a candle lit date throughout but dark sets can bring the mood down unfortunately.

I got nominated to be presenter because I have quite a big personality and love the people around me to be laughing and smiling. But I HATEEEE  being on camera So during rehearsals I could be quite awful and anxious as i did not like it one bit. But on the day of filming I just got on with it and I do feel like I could go on camera again which is a good confidence boost. However watching back the rough cut, I swear the camera adds 10 pounds!!! Ah well.

I was very edgy when reading from the auto-cue because of nerves and my eyesight being pretty awful, but come filming day I only slipped up a few times so this is a big improvement as the team could get impatient when I first started but come the day of production everything went well in regards to auto-cues!

I have learnt that you really do need a big team when creating a TV format, and if one person doesn’t show it can really mess your day around. I have learnt to not care what I look like on camera because no one else really does either. Just suck in next time.


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