CWBlog task 7: TV Press release.

loveclashThe title for the TV format we have decided to create is called Love Clash.

“A unique dating experience, starring diverse university talents from across the country. This week show features Midlands students, showcasing their skills to win a hot date”

The concept

Love clash is a dating show which portrays diversity and flirtatious humour. 2 participants will listen to descriptions of 2 different people which must include their talent and pick a favourite. This way they are matched purely of personality and not their looks like blind dating. When participants have chosen they will be introduced and be a couple for the rest of the show and participate in a bunch of fun games and activities! The winning couple will win a free date of their choice and the losers will receive vouchers to the cosy club.

The programme will be 10 minutes long and will be aired after watershed just to be safe. Although the games are not graphic there are chances that the participants may slip up due to movement in the challenges. The target audience is 16-35 however participants must be 18 or above to enter the show.

Love Clash is university based and must be relatable to peoples different talents all over the UK. It is open to everyone over 18 no matter of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity- this is where the diversity comes in.

Not many modern show homosexual couples so we thought we should include the concept in our show because equality is sometimes an issue for some reason.

On this weeks episode are competitors are:
Carl Meehan: Dance society                                   Jessica Howes: Book Club
Pip killborn: Painter                                                 Danny Foster: Rugby society
Devan Graham: American Football Society      Adrian: Debating


Running order: running-order-template-2

Script: love-clash-final-script-katy

Consent forms:

Risk Assessments:

Our Website:




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