CWBlog task 5: Evaulation



What made our radio format interesting was the fact it was a drama piece all based around a real life event. The murder case was brought up as a past memory by the main constable training his new recruits. Also, the killer clowns accusation made it interesting as during the time of halloween there was a killer clown craze around the USA/ UK.

What worked well within our production was how the script flowed well. We rehearsed it as many times as possible to make sure listeners did not feel like we were reading from a script. Me, Fallon, Farai were included within the actual piece as well as 1 contributor called Matt Osborne. Matt put on an accent to give the piece a fictional feel which in my opinion worked well as it put a comedic twist on the production.

We worked very well as a group. We had regular group meetings and discussed improvements constantly. When we changed our idea completely we all adapted really well just got our heads down and cracked on with it. We booked lots of practice radio sessions so the communication in our group couldn’t be faulted.

The script got changed so many times and each time we just went through and carried on changing it until it was at its best.

What could be improved within our team was lack of actors, we did try and expand out and try and get people in to voice act for us but we didn’t get much of a response and when we did it was complicated trying to mix and match all of our modules. So we decided to keep it easy and voice act ourselves. We had to switch round roles a few times as we needed it to feel natural and some characters just didn’t match the actors.

Although we attended Paul’s radio sessions we were still a bit off with how to use the decks however we asked him again for a little run through and all went well apart from our audio levels, we had to edit them is post but it still sounded slightly off. However now we know for next time!

The format could be improved also by cutting down the police sirens as it did feel like they went on for a little too long. Again with voice actors we could of got professionals in to read our script but I also feel like if this format was shown to people out of our university, it would of been fine its just people recognising our voices and not taking it as seriously. Especially my horrible accent!! 😦

Target audience was young adults+ and to improve the program for them i’d say would to be to add more soundscape to the piece. Although soundscape was nice, could of expanded and added in more natural sounds.

If our piece was to be transferred onto an actual broadcasting platform I’d say it would of settled in well with narrative stations such as BBC4. This is because even though it’s fictional, it includes real-life information that is educational and would have a similar target audience to the majority of the content produced on BBC4 anyway. Like The Archers is targeted to adults listening to their radio in the kitchen at home.

It wouldn’t be successful on BBC RADIO 1 as it is a drama piece with no up-beat music for teens!

My progress

I was a voice actor and although it sounds odd this was a massive step for me. I majorly dislike my voice or speaking when I know people are going to hear me afterwards. Although I’m loud as a person I very much lack self-esteem when it comes to acting etc. I don’t like my accent as people can sometimes not take me seriously and it’s just gross. When I got assigned this role I was not happy but I just went with it and my team were patient with me when messing up when reading parts of the script and really give me the push I needed to get through the piece.

I also helped Fallon edit the piece as she hadn’t edited radio content before so I helped her which developed her skills.

Next time I would try and be more clear in my reading and help out more with the scripts in terms of re-writing. I was fine to tell Ash and Farai how to improve but I didn’t attempt to myself as I’m awful as script writing but I could of taken this opportunity to improve my skills. 


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