CWBlog task 4: Press release (radio)

killers-mindA Coventry Murder: A Killers Mind

A Killers mind is a 5-7 minute long radio drama piece based on a true event, the murder of Carol Wardell. This murder occurred in Birmingham but the murderer was jailed in Coventry.

The content genre is crime, mystery, drama and murder due to our theme being completely real, it occurred in 1994 and will be set in Coventry Police station and includes 2 main characters being police officers training up the new members of the team in which the Carol Wardell situation rises.

Due to the halloween craze of killer clowns, our narrative fit well as the murder tried to put the blame onto a man wearing a clown mask. We will link the 2 together during script so that they interlink and can fit to our target audience which is young adults- adult (18-60+)

The story will include killer clowns, police training, the case of Carol Wardell and disturbing real footage whilst abiding the copyright laws.

The case:

In 1994 a man murdered his wife due to her empowerment and money due to the business she was in as he wanted her money. He put the blame on a made up person wearing a clown mask and plead on live television and gained the publics sympathy. A few months later he was proved guilty of the murder and got locked away.

The scene will be set at the current time and will get brought up by a constable talking about a past case

A true story of a disturbed man and his greed!


Our original idea was to have physcohology students on the show and try and get their opinion on why Mr Gordon Wardell would have done such a thing. These were our notes:

As you can see from the last note, getting feedback we were told that we could improve our idea and have it drama based instead, so Ash created a new script and me and Farai went through and evaluated it for improvement.

Here is the final script! a-killers-mind-farais-edit1

And here is our final piece:


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