CWBlog task 3: Boundaries


Any homosexual/ hetrosexual Sex and nudity IS allowed to be shown on television broadcasting from the age of 16+ however depending on how graphic the content is will define its age ratings.

For example, if we can not see the sex happening were just implied thats its happened, and the characters are nude but in underwear it can be a PG-13. Just like in the film twilight Eclipse part 1, the film is revolved around Bella and Edward having sex and getting pregnant. But no sex is shown and other contents in the film bring the age ratings down. screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-09-39-pm

Television producers must be sensitive when using explicit content, remembering that it is ILLEGAL to broadcast anyone under the age of 16 having sex with each other/ over. When sex is aired on TV there is a barrier called the the broadcasting watershed in which if the televsion involves explicit content including: use of drugs, sex/ nudity, strong language and gore etc can only be aired after 9pm. In some cases the program will be aired after 10pm.

‘Skins’ a well known TV program about a group of teens that take drugs, swear loads and shows constant sexual content and nudity was aired after 10pm.

The watershed is after 9pm and before 5.30am and a disclaimer and age ratings must be shown on the information section for viewers too see first before making the decision to watch the content or not.

Programs have to be clever when showing sex on TV. They must be clever with angles and can not actually show the ins and outs of the sex but can show nudity. An example is a program called Love Island aired on ITV at 9pm, the couples are regularly having sex but it always under the bed sheets so nothing is seen. However one time a girl on the show went on top of the bed sheets and the camera was not once allowed to be on them.

As a guest on a TV show which follows the watershed you must get briefed on guidelines and what can you can and can’t do during production. A contract is usually signed to protect rights and make sure no actions can get put out of line. This is all apart of the duty of care which was made to keep people confidentiality hidden, if a program contains explicit activities whom entering the content MUST be told about it first and they must agree to it legally over a signing/ consent form.

Duty of care is also for viewers such as just how graphic images and content can be. No pornography or rape/ molestation can be used and as I’ve stated everything broadcasted no matter what time of day it is must be labelled.

When using another persons material in your work, you as the creator must have proof that you have been consented rights to use it. In terms of broadcasting TV, ambient footage can be used quite often, especially during news forecasts.

When creating a piece of media and posting it online, it belongs to you. This means no one else can use it unless you set up a contract-formed agreement in which you can sell/ license your work.

“If you plan to include copyright-protected material in your video, you’ll generally need to seek permission to do so first. YouTube cannot grant you these rights and we are unable to assist you in finding and contacting the parties who may be able to grant them to you. This is something you’ll have to research and handle on your own or with the assistance of a lawyer.”

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Production paperwork
Risk assessment: risk-ass-form-final
Running order: running-order-template-1
Consent forms:

During our production we used a video from youtube following the copyright law protection act 2015/16 as we stated it was for educational use. The clip is this one below:


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