CWBlog task 2: Running orders

theyTHEY- What You Want

The following radio format is a short 10 minute franchise of radio playlists presented by Annie Mac, a successful DJ/ songwriter who plays all over the world. She has 2 different broadcasts on BBC Radio 1, one being ‘ Hottest Record’ where she meets with a range of different artists and then play  spin off for the audience and the other bring ‘Friday Nights’ where she plays her new and old remixes.

Here is the running order:

– Pre- Intro/ Tagline (Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world!): 00:04
– Song plays (THEY- What you want): 00:04- 03:03
– Introduction to format by presenter (Annie Mac):  03:03- 03:13
– Phone convo with hottest artist THEY: 3:13- 06:12
– Song plays: 6:12- 09:24
– Outro/ Tagline: 09:24: 09:28

The Introduction to this short program is very short and snappy which moves the content quicker to the point. Unlike factual formats, BBC can make this work as its revolved around music and new artists. The show throws itself straight into a song to allow listeners to hear the song first and then listen to their story. Their story is told over a phone interview which as a listener is almost odd as you expect them to be in the studio, however this is due to the fact that Annie Mac records several episodes in one day so its easier for her to do so.

The phone interview is 3 minutes long but within the 3 minutes we do learn a lot about the artists back ground, past and present work schemes. It’s very interesting, I think the fact that this show is short and sweet is good as we don’t get the time to get bored and want to turn over. This type of show is most likely broadcasted in between 2 long music formats on a night time.

The song then replays so we get to listen again after we know more about the artists, almost as if we can now appreciate it more now we know about their lives and how they’ve got to where the are now.

The target audience for Annie Mac’s music in general ranges from teenagers to young adults. This attracts them to watch her shows also. Teens and young adults can get bored very quickly when listening to the radio as in this century we revolve more around TV as when you’re listening to music you can watch the music videos too. In my opinion, this is why the content is quite short as it keeps the target audience engaged throughout.

To conclude, Annie Mac’s hottest record format is targeted towards young adults due to her fans and the fact its played on BBC Radio 1, the running order is quick and short to keep the audience entertained throughout, and Annie Mac can make phone interviews work well.


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