264mc- Evaluation.

As a part of my Short film module me and 9 others formed a group and set each other roles to create a short film. We adapted the script ‘The Birthday Card’ written by Alexandra Thomas, a second year English Literature student at Coventry University. Giving out the roles was simple as everyone already knew … More 264mc- Evaluation.

264mc Short film- Empty.

“Any film that has a duration longer than one minute and shorter than 15 minutes.” This is the online definition for a short film according to http://www.eicar-international.com– but a short film is a lot more than just time. A short film consists of production roles, pre- production, production, post production, marketing your film, distributing your film, … More 264mc Short film- Empty.

260MC Portfolio.

Task 1, ‘photographing the face’. This task was to create a 1 minute video of catching the human expression to create a narrative without dialogue and in one shot only. To do so, we must use lighting and set to the best of our standards.  In my piece, I wanted to shock the audience, make … More 260MC Portfolio.

CWBlog task 7: TV Press release.

The title for the TV format we have decided to create is called Love Clash. “A unique dating experience, starring diverse university talents from across the country. This week show features Midlands students, showcasing their skills to win a hot date” The concept Love clash is a dating show which portrays diversity and flirtatious humour. 2 participants … More CWBlog task 7: TV Press release.